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What I’m doing now

Now page inspired by Derek Sivers.

Currently I am the Managing Director of Visual Click Studio. VCS specialises in ‘high converting’ websites and marketing for businesses all over the world. I find that there is a lack of good websites, that actually bring in sales, especially in South Africa.

Other news, I have joined an investment group and am currently researching and actively investing in Cryptocurrencies. I have a lean portfolio at the moment with 4 fundamentally solid investments. BTFD! I am not too interested in the technical analysis side of things, but enjoy judging projects on their fundamentals.

“If you need a break from trading crypto currencies, I recommend engaging in some lower risk activities like roulette and blackjack during your downtime.”

Blockbuster -> Netflix

Cashiers -> Amazon Go

Supermarkets -> Ecommerce

Banking -> Crypto

*Banks fear crypto

Last Updated: 22 Feb 2018