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Website Age Verification Gate
Computer Science

Building a Age Verification Gate for Any Website

Looking for a simple, fast, and SEO efficient Age Gate? This is the place. Code Link – Started making videos again! Sorry if it sux. In this edition, I show you how I made an Age Verification check using Javascript. I did implement this in WordPress by just adding the JS script to the …

figuring it out
BusinessSelf Improvement

Figuring it out

On a daily basis I encounter many problems and think to myself, “I have literally no idea how to do/fix this”. There are 2 options on how to react to these problems. Either put in the time and figure it out, or give up. Especially with anything digital, I see many people just panic and …

Internet Protection, Protect yourself online
Computer Science

Protecting Yourself on the Internet

Hello World. In the re-awakening of my attempt at writing, I decided to write a simple guide to the necessities about protecting yourself online. The purpose of this article is to list a number of actionable steps that you can do today. They are listed in terms of importance, #1 being the most important. If …

buy cryptocurrency in south africa nic findlay
Computer Science

How to Buy Cryptocurrency in South Africa – A Beginners Guide

The following video is a Beginners Guide to buying cryptocurrency in South Africa. Since Cryptocurrency has recently been gaining a lot of attention by being featured by many ‘major’ news channels, money seem to be pouring in. In South Africa, the leading bitcoin wallet is Luno, and in this video I show how to buy …

Jonothan Wong Nic Findlay
Self Improvement

Training with Malaysia’s Highest Paid Personal Trainer, Jonothan Wong

Jonathan Wong is the founder and co-owner of CrossFit Malaysia, and PushMore. He has been involved in the fitness industry for more than 10 years, with experience in personal training, group fitness, performance training and fitness education. I had the pleasure of training with him in Bali! Before I left for Bali, I was going …

Computer Science

Beginner Python Programming Tutorials

Ever wanted to learn how to program? With the millions of resources out there with regards to the topic at hand, how do you know where to start? I have officially started making Beginner Python Programming Tutorials to help me remember everything, as well as teach a few people who decide check my stuff out. …

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