5 Steps to Building Income Online

5 Steps to building income online

It’s simple to build an online business. But I warn you, it’s not necessarily easy. In this blog post I will outline the basic structure as to how anybody can start their online business. Lets get into it!



If money was not a problem, what would you do with your time? This is what your niche should be. By choosing your passion as your niche, you allow yourself the drive to keep going. Take some time to find a niche which isn’t too populated, but isn’t too small.

If you’re in a niche you are not passionate about, it will be much harder to build your business.

Making money online is simple, but it’s not easy. By being in a niche that you aren’t fond of makes it that harder to succeed.

I didn’t make money overnight from the start. It took me a few months of coaching and research before I even started thinking of making my own online business. The only reason I was able to achieve this, despite the failures and the trials I encountered, was the fact that I was personally invested in the niche and if money wasn’t a problem. My first niche was Public Speaking, since it scared the crap out of my, but I really wanted to improve and become a good speaker.

So once you have a niche you are passionate about, you need to check it’s profitability. There’s no use in being incredibly passionate about a certain niche if it’s not going to make you any substantial income.



When it comes to publishing fresh and unique content online, the easiest, fastest way to do so is by installing WordPress on your website. This website, nicfindlay.com, runs on WordPress. It’s completely free and used by tonnes of people. Making a blog on a custom website is always a hassle, but since WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System), it makes managing content extremely simple and efficient.

Install it and start blogging to increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).



In order to make passive income online you have to sell something. The easiest products to sell, and produce, are digital products. There are two ways to go about doing this.

  1. Sell your own digital product and keep all the profit
  2. Sell someone else’s digital product and receive commissions.

The great thing about selling your own product is of course that you get to keep all the profit yourself. You also establish yourself as a thought leader in your niche and create your own brand. In the long term, this is something that you should strive for. Your personal brand can help you to build fans who will buy anything you sell.

To get started with affiliate marketing, head over to Clickbank and take a look at all the products on offer in their marketplace. This is the World’s largest digital marketplace and usually offers between 50-75% commissions for sales of products.

Now, when it comes to product marketing, you need an offer page.




There are many ways of generating traffic, in fact this may be the easiest step in Internet marketing. People always come up to me and ask me they are struggling to get traffic. There are companies like Google and Facebook that are ready to give you millions of hits within minutes. But to start, I’ll give you my favorite way to generate free traffic.


Video marketing is one of the most powerful methods of getting free traffic online. The reason is because Google owns YouTube, as such YouTube videos are given preference in the search rankings.

So if you upload a video on YouTube and make it keyword rich, you have a great chance of reaching the first page of Google for your keyword, surpassing your competitors, and gaining an unfair advantage. The video doesn’t have to be long or complicated. A brief 5-minute video is enough to give viewers an idea of what you want to share with them. Add a link in the description back to your website where you have written a full article based on the content of the video and gain traffic.


Now if you’re shy on camera, don’t be.  I know this better than anyone else because I use to be terrified of being on camera.

As a soft spoken individual, I never thought I was good enough to be in a video. I started to post awkward videos of me speaking into a camera, and people seemed to love it.

As someone who was once in the shoes of your audience, you have a story that likely reflects their own struggles and desires.


  1. You can create a video, help people who want to be helped (and some people won’t like you)
  2. You can NOT create a video, NOT share your knowledge, NOT get rich (and some people still won’t like you).



You should never trade your time for money. What would you think of building a system once, that makes you money forever? What would you think of making money while you are asleep? That is the place where you want to be!

Automation in fact, is the best part of having your business online. You can literally automate every single aspect of it, without outsourcing the day to day operations to India, and spending a fortune.

It is very easy to automate your entire Sales Funnel, but since this post is getting a bit long, I’ll save that for another time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below and I will personally answer them!

Stay Awesome



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