are you disrupting, or being disrupted

Are you Disrupting, or being Disrupted?

With change comes opportunity, but are you the one doing the disrupting?  Or is your competition forcing you to catch up?  Disruption in industry is extremely powerful. It can take you and your business to the next level.

To start excelling in your niche, try some of the steps below:

1. Thoroughly Research the Industry Thought Leaders

Firstly, what are thought leaders? Thought leaders are the people / organizations that are capable to change people’s thoughts in that particular niche. They are powerful because they are influencers. Competition in business can be a positive or a negative force. Find an enemy worth fighting. Smaller enemies will end up exhausting your resources with little to no gain.

2. Know Your Customers

Make an extra effort to ‘wow’ your customers, by going the extra mile. If you are running a restaurant and somebody makes a reservation, phone them the next day and offer them a free drink at their next visit. Word will start to spread and eventually everybody will be making reservations.

Find out how you can apply the extra mile effort to your customers in a unique way. Know how you can help them with future problems, before they even encounter them.

3. Know Your Enemy

Using your Competitors products and services, can help you determine what you should be doing. Sign up to all their mailing lists and learn what posts of theirs are trending. Learn the competitor’s processes, ways of soliciting feedback, and attitudes toward pricing, discounts, and returns. When you know exactly how the competition is running their business, you can run yours better.

In conclusion, keep sticking to your promises, keep great client relationships, and always go the extra mile. All of this might seem like a mission at first, but the benefits will start to show after a consistent effort!

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