figuring it out

On a daily basis I encounter many problems and think to myself, “I have literally no idea how to do/fix this”.

There are 2 options on how to react to these problems.

Either put in the time and figure it out, or give up.

Especially with anything digital, I see many people just panic and rage quit if they encounter errors. That is fine, sometimes new things are really hard to figure out,  but why not do some research, figure out how to fix the problem, and then fix it?

I think that there is an art to dealing with problems, and it can be applied to anything in life, whether it be a business failure, familiy crisis, bad recesstion, etc.


Code has a bug that you cannot find – Figure it out, try rewrite it

Can’t get promoted – Figure it out, try working harder

Suck as talking to girls – Figure it out, try practising heaps

Can’t get your first client for your business – Figure it out, try working for free

Don’t have enough money for this month – Figure it out, try a side hustle for extra cash

Start a Computer Science degree without any programming knowledge – Figure it out, how hard could it be?   *Was hard, but not as hard as I thought


No matter what problems or issues you may have,  figuring it out instead of giving up will make you come out stronger every time.

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