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It’s difficult to start a business and persuade people to make purchases through you.  I have been scammed many times, and just when I think that I am on top of the game, I get royally scammed out of nowhere.In this blog I am going to be uncovering the Secrets to Gaining Credibility on the Internet. So how exactly do you show your authenticity over the internet?

When you are starting out, gaining trust between the customer and yourself, will inevitably be one of the biggest struggles. No matter how good of a person you are, you will inevitably have to convey that to your audience. I find that this is much harder to do online than in person.

So here is some advise as you start your journey to gaining red hot Credibility:


1. WRITE A BLOG (hint hint)

Posting consistently to your blog is a great way of having a ton of content that endorses you and your googlability.

By documenting your journey and consistently giving out pure value to the masses, people will eventually come around and start to believe you.

“Keeping a consistent blog is one of the most effective ways to distinguish you as a thought leader”

Consistently blogging will add value to your fan base as well as grow it to influence a wider range of people.



Collecting testimonials is a good way to show potential clients that you are credible, and can even speak to these people to prove it. If you have already done work for clients, start getting some comments in writing. Just a simple one-lined statement will do. Linking that statement to the person’s website, Facebook, Linkedin, will add even more social proof.

Aside from testimonials, you could add screenshots of earnings, awards, any press or media coverage.

For example, if you’re selling a muscle building product, add before and after images.



When you are building an email marketing campaign, it is very important to not try to sell anything in your first few emails. The whole point of marketing this way is to build up a relationship, so that you can sell products / services to them in the future.

Nobody likes having somebody ‘force’ products onto you right?

This tactic will make you seem desperate, and no sales will come from this.

Your campaign should be professionally written and tell a good story. Facts tell, stories sell.



nic findlay graphic deisng

I actually started designing things myself, since I was too broke to outsource it. At first they were pretty bad, but I have definitely improved and don’t think my design skills are too bad!

As for most other people, my advice would be to outsource. If you don’t know anything about design, definitely outsource.

No matter what you are selling, the entire experience behind it should be designed professionally. This increases customer conversions tenfold.



When a client has purchased something from you, give them a personal email / phone number that they can contact you on.

By opening a communication channel, it gives your customers the feeling of a safety net.


If people don’t think they can reach you, they won’t even bother to buy your product in the first place. Giving them a way to contact you in case of anything is a huge sign of trustworthiness.

It shows you’re not about to skip town once the purchase is made.



No matter how awkward it may be, making a video of you presenting yourself can be the cherry on top of the cake.

I used to be very self-conscious front of a camera. Thats a lie, I am still self-conscious on camera. But when I started posting videos of me being awkward and vulnerable on Facebook, it did wonders to my credibility. If any of you reading saw those videos, now you know why I did them 😉

I am still a little self-conscious about this but what the heck, here is a video of me being nervous on camera. #noshame

Thats all for today readers.

But don’t worry, I’ll be back tomorrow!

– Nic

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