Get More Clients as a Small Business

Get More Clients as a Small Business

How to Get More Clients as a Small Business. Over the past two years I have managed to find clients from all walks of life. Most of the time, I do not go hunting for new clients, they actually end up approaching me.

I find that you are in a more powerful position if the clients approach you, rather than cold calling random people. Below is a list of the main areas in which I would work on in order to get more clients as a small business.\

Build a Good Brand

Whether you are a company or a person, having a good brand is the most important part of getting more clients. How I got clients in University is that most of my friends knew that I was into Digital Marketing and Web Design. They then told their parents and then whenever their parent’s businesses needed help, they referred me.

This all happened without much intervention from my side. You just need to set you environment correctly, and then your environment will do the work for you!

Find Clients through Instagram

Hunting for Instagram Clients can be useful for many different types of business. Examples include pretty much all digital services. So get more clients in your small business by searching through the millions of Instagram accounts.

This is especially true for Web Design. Search for local businesses through Instagram and if their website is linked to their account, take a look. If it needs improvement, or if you want to offer them value added services, then send them a message telling them about your service.

This is quite powerful since the businesses that are on Instagram are definitely searching for more business impressions.

Work For Free

Let me explain. I learnt this from the great Philosopher Napoleon Hill. Especially when your business is very small, working for free can really help get the word out there. Most businesses will actually end up paying you because your service will WOW them.

In order to get the attention of more valuable clients, building up a portfolio and having good testimonials could be your selling point.

My philosophy is that if you don’t have enough work in your business, then work for free to fill up the time. Have you ever heard of a company offering good services for free? Not likely. This will make a lasting impression and get you plenty more referrals.

Hunt for the Decision Maker

There is not much point sending cold proposals to email addresses like They will likely be immediately deleted. What you need to do is hunt through Google, Linkedin, Facebook, etc… Find the person who is high enough in the company to actually make decisions. This is the person who you want to send your amazing proposals too.

Don’t know how to write proposals? Consider investing in a Udemy┬ácourse to further your knowledge.


If you are trying to ‘Get More Clients as a Small Business’, just go out there, guns blazing, and talk to people. I know it’s hard, I myself am an introvert, so it is much harder for me!

Speak to people, go to networking events, sell yourself. If you are still reading up until this point, I know you can do it!

Happy Hunting

Nic Findlay

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