How to Make Money at University, Without Missing the Party

Ah, how to make money at University. A title which has been added to the billions of other search results in this niche. But this one is special. Today I will be chatting about how to secure yourself for success while at University. I know the struggles of living off bread and oats… But it was fun so I’m not complaining. Below you will find a few simple ideas, which I drafted up this morning, that could help you quest to not be broke.

Developing your brand

Everybody has seen this bit of advice, but why should you start to build a brand while at University? Let me give you a brief summary of how building a personal brand helped me, so maybe it can help you.

It started out by posting images, on Facebook and Instagram, about any conferences/seminars which I went to. My friends started to ask me about it, and the word started spreading. People I hardly remember were messaging me on Facebook, inquisitive as to what I was doing. These friends ended up telling their parents and then their parents started offering me work, mainly as a consultant to any sort of digital marketing. The entrepreneur-savvy friends were also more interested to involve me in projects, or to hire me.

You would think that successful parents would know a bit about digital marketing, but they realized that the younger generation is now the authority in this niche. That was how I gained my first few clients and then it snowballed from there.

Consult on your Course Content

I do realize that you will not be able to do consulting work for some areas of study. For most, it is possible. Let me give some examples, and you can see which one fits.

  • Commerce: write business plans, book-keep, marketing strategies, business improvement strategies.
  • Humanities: freelance writer, SEO content, book editing, speech writing, video editing.
  • Computer Science: website designer (anybody can do this), freelance coder, business systems consultant.
  • Health-Sciences: massages, personal diets, medical examinations.
  • Engineering:  freelance object modeling, machine integration consulting(I am too under qualified to advise on this).

I wrote these ideas way to quickly, but I am sure you get what I am trying to put across. If you have any of these skills, then look into freelance websites such as Upwork, Konker, and Fiver. It is quite reasonable to make a few hundred dollars every week, if you put in the work.

Start a Blog

A blog can offer some exposure for your consulting services. Blogs are essential for SEO. But did you know you can make money from blogging? Get a few readers and advertisers will pay you to be featured on your site. You can also sell affiliate products through the blog, rent out advertising space, etc…

how to make money at university

Managing your Time

Working at traditional student jobs, such as working in a restaurant,  will remove a fixed period time from your life. If you have a massive assignment, this won’t offer much flexibility. Unless the money is very good, I would try to avoid this. You will not get to party as much. It is so easy to make money online now days, so do some research and pick the way which entices you the most.



Find a Mentor

Finding somebody who can help point you in the right direction is extremely important, especially when you are starting out. I found mentors who were making the money I wanted to make. I used them as my role models and followed their lessons then implemented them.

You see nothing in life is free. There’s always going to be a cost involved. Most mentors will be expensive, but the amount you learn from them far outweighs the cost. It doesn’t seem like it in the beginning, but it’s true.

If you don’t have the money yet, then maybe phone up some family friends who run businesses. They will usually offer good advice if your industries are similar, and you could even land up getting some deals out of it.

Build an Online Business

How would you like building a system once, and then it makes you money forever? I am currently building two online businesses right now, and am starting marketing my other one today. I am not a superior thought leader when it comes to online business, and I haven’t made boatloads of cash. BUT, I know that it is possible, since it is infinitely scalable.

Comment if you want me to go into further detail about this in future posts. I should actually get to work, make some money, and stop writing crap.

Stay Awesome

– Your Pal Nic


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