cold showers for 14 days

Amigos, I am making shitty videos again… My experience of having cold showers for 14 days. One of my goals this year was to reach a certain amount of subscribers. I have pretty much started at 0 which is a real buzz kill, so now I have forced myself to produce content. So subscribe to make me feel better about my life. Please.

So cold showing. Sounds like a terrible idea, but it actually wasn’t. After only 3 days of cold showering in the mornings I actually got used to it and started to notice some notable benefits.

First Week of Cold Showers

The first week was hard. Lets speak about the benefits that I felt once the first week is over.

  • My mood was always enhanced, even at 5am in the morning what you wake up and feel like a pile of shit.
  • Immune system was being built strong.
  • I felt immune to cold weather. Wearing a t-shirt outside in the cold was not a problem at all.
  • My skin wasn’t dry and flakey, which sometimes happens after a fiery hot shower.
  • Clear skin. All blemishes seemed to fade.
  • I seemed to be hungry more often. This could be due to the fact that cold showers boost your metabolism. I’ll try not to eat so much and then I might lose some weight. Sweet

Second Week of Cold Showers

It became less of a chore, and more of a thing that I wanted to do so that I was in a better mood. I even started taking two showers a day so I could get my fix of euphoria. I have decided to keep this habit, and have been cold showering ever since I started about a month ago.

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you.

Nic Findlay

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