do internet browsers affect success

Weird Question, but I have recently read an interesting excerpt from a case study. one metric which stood out above the rest. We will dive into the question, “Does your Internet Browser affect your Success?”

A telemarketing company was looking into different metrics which affected their employees success. Most of their employees only worked for a month or two before requesting to leave the business. This was not acceptable for a growing business.

The Common Variable

So what this company found out was that the employees that were doing the best in the company had installed Chrome or Firefox on their work computers. This is opposed to using the standard Safari or Internet Explorer.

Another interesting statistic about these employees, is that their sales calls were the shortest, and they had the highest client conversion.

We will have to look into this slightly further to prove why this is an important metric for Sales and Telemarketing companies. If you are about to hire some more employees, maybe this is a good interview question.

Why are Chrome and Firefox Users More Successful?

I have thought a lot about this, and have come to a conclusion. Since an employee is given a standard work computer, these computers come with either Safari or Internet Explorer, depending on whether it is Apple or Windows. So people who leave these browsers on their computers, tend to not be open to looking for better solutions. These employees stuck to the sales script religiously. This also explains why their calls took much longer.

Chrome and Firefox users are the kind of people who look for better software to use, better solutions to implement, and better sales scripts.

In conclusions, ‘Does your Internet Browser affect your Success?’.

Yes, yes it does!

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