Investing when you are Young and have no Money (Gary Vaynerchuk & Tony Robbins)

investing when you are young and have no money

Investing when you are Young and have no Money

My name is Nic Findlay, I am young and don’t have much money, but I am still investing. After watching the latest #AskGaryVee show, featuring Tony Robbins, I felt inspired to make a post about Investing when you are Young and have no Money. Most of my audience is students and young professionals, what excuses do you have as to why you are not investing right now?

I can guarantee that all of your excuses are invalid…

How to Start Investing

Investing is a hot topic. You can invest in many things, make lots of money, lose lots of money, and experience a rollercoaster of emotions. But how exactly do you start investing when you have no money, and is it worth investing a small amount of money at the start.

Yes, you should start investing when you are as young as possible. Warren Buffet repeatedly says that his wealth is due to the power of compounding interesting. This is interest that grows exponentially. So, in theory, the younger you start, the more your wealth will compound later in life. In the AskGaryVee Show episode (linked below), Tony Robbins says that it is not about how much money you can put in, it is about the investment system that you use.

How will you make any money investing $100 000 a month when you cannot make any returns on $100 a month? Sure, more money gives you access to better investments, but you should be able to make good returns on small investments using your systems.

Overcome the Investment Rollercoaster

Lets define an investment rollercoaster. Your investments skyrocket and you feel like you are the shit and can destroy all. Then your investments drop and you get scared and pull out. These feelings will lead to the destruction of your investment career.

As stated in the show, your investing game should be a system. You should not bring emotions into your system, it is purely made to be a system to give you a house advantage. Try your best to not get your emotions get the best of you, and affect your rational thought.

My Investment Plan

After watching this show, I am going to start consistently putting more money every month into my investments. Unfortunately I cannot disclose what I am currently investing in. We are young and free, so why not start now?

I mean we can all afford to spare some cash in order to become Millionaires in a few years right?

Here is the video, it definitely comes recommended! Enjoy, and take notes 🙂

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