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Computer Science

Beginner Python Programming Tutorials

Ever wanted to learn how to program? With the millions of resources out there with regards to the topic at hand, how do you know where to start? I have officially started making Beginner Python Programming Tutorials to help me remember everything, as well as teach a few people who decide check my stuff out. …

how to be a lady in business
BusinessSelf Improvement

How to be a Gentleman / Lady in Business

How to be a Gentleman / Lady in Business? Honestly, for most of my life I assumed that everybody is a good person on the inside. Then I started to be proven wrong. Living in South Africa has its hardships. I have been mugged and had all my possessions stolen many times, which ultimately ended …

cold showers for 14 days
Self Improvement

Ice Cold Showers for 14 days – My Experience and Benefits

Amigos, I am making shitty videos again… My experience of having cold showers for 14 days. One of my goals this year was to reach a certain amount of subscribers. I have pretty much started at 0 which is a real buzz kill, so now I have forced myself to produce content. So subscribe to …

BusinessSelf Improvement

Top 5 Time Saving Habits For Entrepreneurs

Here are my Top 5 Time Saving Habits For Entrepreneurs. Help to solve problems like procrastination, distraction, multitasking and disorganization. Learning how to section your time. The first and most important skill you need to teach yourself is learning how to section time. This involves thinking of time as something that can be controlled. Sectioning …


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