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burnout at university
Computer ScienceSelf Improvement

How to Deal with Burnout at University / College

With all of the endless opportunities, interesting modules, and late nights, it is very easy to become burnt out while at University. Drowning in distraction and procrastination for days on end can really take it’s toll on your body. I struggled with this while in the final year of my degree. I ended up having …

secrets to gaining credibility on the internet nic findlay
BusinessSelf Improvement

Secrets to Gaining Credibility on the Internet

It’s difficult to start a business and persuade people to make purchases through you.  I have been scammed many times, and just when I think that I am on top of the game, I get royally scammed out of nowhere.In this blog I am going to be uncovering the Secrets to Gaining Credibility on the …

should you be studying computer science at university?
Computer Science

Should you be Studying Computer Science at University?

Computer Science… To the average person, this is not an area of study that sounds sexy. Since it doesn’t sound sexy, does that mean that it isn’t a good degree to have? Absolutely NOT! So Should you Study Computer Science while at University? “It should be mandatory that you understand computer science” – Nowadays …

5 Steps to building income online
BusinessDigital Marketing

5 Steps to Building Income Online

It’s simple to build an online business. But I warn you, it’s not necessarily easy. In this blog post I will outline the basic structure as to how anybody can start their online business. Lets get into it!   STEP 1: IDENTIFYING YOUR FIRST NICHE If money was not a problem, what would you do with …


How to Make Money at University, Without Missing the Party

Ah, how to make money at University. A title which has been added to the billions of other search results in this niche. But this one is special. Today I will be chatting about how to secure yourself for success while at University. I know the struggles of living off bread and oats… But it …

transparent criticism in company culture
BusinessSelf Improvement

Transparent Criticism in Company Culture

Should your employees be criticizing each other? Withholding information happens almost all the time, because you don’t want to come across as a mean person. What if you were completely honest while giving criticism? Today I will be speaking about Transparent Criticism in Company Culture. Turns out this is actually much better in a business culture than trying …

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