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do internet browsers affect success
Computer Science

Does your Internet Browser affect your Success?

Weird Question, but I have recently read an interesting excerpt from a case study. one metric which stood out above the rest. We will dive into the question, “Does your Internet Browser affect your Success?” A telemarketing company was looking into different metrics which affected their employees success. Most of their employees only worked for …

When should you use django in website design?
Computer Science

When should you use Django to build websites?

Django is a python based framework for building websites. With a slightly steep learning curve, it is best to know the advantages of knowing how to build systems and websites in Django. I am going to be explaining which projects it is best to use Django on, as well as the pitfalls of following this …

Self Improvement

Travelling to Seychelles After Completing My Degree

I have just completed my degree in Computer Science & Information Systems and decided to take a little holiday. This is my journey of┬áTraveling to Seychelles. Reasons for this: Preparing to dominate 2017. Worked really hard during exams, brain is running on empty. Built a clients business management system. I really like islands. – Nic

nic findlay cape town sunset

A Sunset in Cape Town

We took a drive from Rondebosch to Chapmans Peak in Cape Town, South Africa. One of the best roads in South Africa I reckon! Stunning views.  

Digital Marketing

Internet Mastery Retreat Bali 2016

Internet Mastery Retreat Bali 2016 In July 2016, a few days after my 21st birthday, I hopped on a plane and flew halfway across the world. 26 hour later, I landed in Bali. It was 11pm at night and I made my way to my accommodation, which was close to Bali Cliff. Everybody in the …

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