should you be studying computer science at university?

Computer Science… To the average person, this is not an area of study that sounds sexy. Since it doesn’t sound sexy, does that mean that it isn’t a good degree to have? Absolutely NOT! So Should you Study Computer Science while at University?

“It should be mandatory that you understand computer science” –

Nowadays most of the population uses some sort of Computer Science every single day. Facebook, email, Google, Reddit, Fridges, etc… Does that make people curious to find out how exactly programming works? Nope. Programmers (Computer Scientists) are in very high demand,  with very low supply.

Like it or not, this is the Digital Age. Computer programs are in every aspect of our lives. Computer scientists theorise, design, develop, and apply the software and hardware for the programs we use day in day out. Sounds pretty important to me!

Don’t believe me? Take a look at what supermodel Karlie Kloss has to say…

How I ended up studying Computer Science

The way I got into studying Computer Science was actually quite cool. I had gotten into university to study Physics, and on the day of registration, I went to a Computer Science briefing by mistake. Turns out it sounded great, and I completely changed my degree without even going to a physics major lecture.

Most of the worlds work force can be thought of as cogs in an economy that doesn’t need cogs. To date, millions of jobs have been outsourced to software. Remember when there used to be people standing in intersections directing traffic? There are tonnes of jobs and services still out there that don’t even make sense anymore in the world of computers.

Why you should consider Computer Science

In 2017 we are even seeing software take over jobs such as driving cars, and actively engaging in conversation with us. Shouldn’t it be wise to learn how you can build your own software, so that you can manipulate it to your advantage? Think about which of your problems you could solve by coding. You can essentially automate your life so that you can be as lazy as you want. Anything is possible.

Why should I learn to program by studying Computer Science?

    • Programming literally makes you smarter. Teaches you how to think.
    • Computers are growing faster than humans.
    • You can solve your problems by making software.

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Here is a great video explaining why we should all learn to program!


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