When should you use django in website design?

Django is a python based framework for building websites. With a slightly steep learning curve, it is best to know the advantages of knowing how to build systems and websites in Django. I am going to be explaining which projects it is best to use Django on, as well as the pitfalls of following this approach. So, When should you use Django to build websites?


Django is based off one of the most popular programming languages out there. If you are new to coding, Python is definitely the way to go, since it is much easier to write, and more error forgiving, than almost every other language out there.

How Django Works

Let me simply explain how the majority of Django works. So the front-end is still HTML, css, and Javascript, and the backend is python. So how this works is that the front-end is integrated with the back-end so that data can easily be exchanged through a medium. Simple python expressions can be called within HTML code, and Python code is run when the HTML page is rendered. This is when you choose which information you would like to pass from the back-end to the front-end.

Django Database Structure

This is the main selling point of using Django. Django’s database is actually modeled off of Python classes within a certain Python File. For instance, if you want to make a database table about ‘Golf Carts’, then the class name would be ‘Golf Cart’ and each variable inside of that class will become a column in your database. Pretty cool right?

This makes it extremely easy to build and edit databases. Setting and getting database information directly into the back-end, since all of the code is consistently Python.

When to use Django

Now lets get into the main point of when to use Django. I believe that the entire structure of the Django framework is very similar to Ruby on Rails, except for using Python as the language instead of Ruby.

For designing simple websites that do not require many complex functions, stick to Wordpress as a CMS. The second you need to query a database, you should definitely try Django. It’s learning curve will take you a weekend to figure out, but once you have, it is very easy to replicate. Check out this django tutorial, it goes through everything.

One last point to note is that python is huge in Machine Learning. So if you are planning on building a super intelligent being that plays the stock market, Django is the way to go. Best of luck!

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